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“Reflection” is the seventh track on BTS’s album Wings. Originally intended for RM’s mixtape, the song explores the theme of self-reflection and the struggles of accepting and loving oneself. The audio at the beginning of the song was recorded by RM at Ttukseom, a place where he often sought solace during difficult times. The lyrics express RM’s desire to understand and embrace his own identity, acknowledging both the joys and anxieties that come with it. He contemplates the complexities of life, feeling both connected and detached from the world around him. RM finds comfort in the darkness of Ttukseom and the presence of others who can relate to his feelings. The song captures the internal conflicts and the yearning for self-acceptance, ultimately expressing the longing to love oneself. “Reflection” serves as a precursor to the themes explored in BTS’s later Love Yourself series, highlighting the importance of self-discovery and self-love.


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