Closer Than This

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Artist: Jimin
Album: Closer Than This
Genre: Pop

Jimin Closer Than This Song Meaning

“Closer Than This” by Jimin reflects a deep and heartfelt connection between him, his band BTS, and the fans – the BTS ARMY. The lyrics explore themes of companionship, shared experiences, and the bittersweet nature of temporary separation. The song is a gift for fans, while he takes a break from his music career to serve in the military as an active soldier.

let’s delve into the interpretation of each section of “Closer Than This” by Jimin:

[Verse 1]

Do you also remember?
The moment we first met?
We were so shy and awkward back then
Now that I look back
We’ve come this far in just a blink of an eye
We walked it together, alongside each other
At times, I fell and shed tears
We comforted each other, with a pat on the back
Gazing at one another with tears in our eyes
Calling out each other’s names
Starting on June 13
To the us of thе present, herе and now
Even if you’re not here
At the same place, always

Jimin reflects on the journey he, BTS, and the BTS Army have taken together. The lyrics evoke the initial moments of their relationship, highlighting the shyness and awkwardness. The fast progression of time is acknowledged, and the verse emphasizes the shared experiences of walking together, supporting each other through ups and downs, and shedding tears together. June 13, 2013, is the debut day of BTS.


Don’t have to worry now
Letting go of your hand for a moment
But it’s only a small comma in our story
Just call my name out loud
Until the days tinge purple once again

Jimin reassures ARMY that parting is temporary and only a small pause in their story. He encourages them to call out his name, expressing that he will be there whenever they need him. The mention of days tinged purple refers to the BTS fandom color, symbolizing unity and connection.


‘Cause anytime you want me (I’ll be)
Right here where you call me (I’ll be)
I could never let you go
Never let you go
Whenever you need me (I’ll be)
If you believe me (I’ll be)
I’ll never let you go
Never let you go

The chorus reinforces the theme of constant presence and support. Jimin promises to be there whenever the listener wants him, expressing a reluctance to let go. The repetition of “Never let you go” emphasizes the enduring nature of their bond.

[Verse 2]

Whenever it rains, I’ll remember the times I sang in the rain
Whenever it snows, I’ll cherish how you smiled for me in the snow
On the spring day, we meet again, I’ll tell you everything I couldn’t before
My love, my babe, forever by your side
Seven equals one, right, our hearts still beat as one
Close your eyes for just a second, I’ll be standing in front of you, oh

Jimin uses weather metaphors to evoke memories and emotions tied to different seasons. Rain and snow become symbolic of shared moments and smiles. The lyrics express a longing to share everything that couldn’t be said before when they meet again. The reference to “Seven equals one” is a nod to the BTS members and their mantra of unity, emphasizing the interconnectedness of the group members and their love towards fans. “Spring Day” is a BTS track known for its introspective and emotional lyrics, a song that holds a heartfelt emotional value for BTS and ARMY. It’s often interpreted as a song about longing, separation, and the hope for a reunion, which the band and fans often quote in their promise to stay together during the test of times.


When I knock on your door with our hearts united as one
Open it for me with your bright smile
When the paused time begins to run again
Baby, I’ll come back to you

The bridge anticipates a future reunion. BTS is set to reunite in 2025 after all the members complete their mandatory military services. Jimin envisions knocking on the door with united hearts and asks for it to be opened with a bright smile. The mention of paused time restarting suggests a temporary separation that will come to an end. The lyrics convey a sense of optimism about returning to fans waiting for him.


Let’s sing it together, this song (Yeah)
For the day, we’ll reunite again (Yeah)
I could never let you go (I could never let you go)
Never let you go (Never let you go)
Let’s sing it even louder, this song (Yeah)
So we can become one again (Yeah)
I will never let you go (I will never let you go)
Never let you go (Never let you go)

The outro echoes the chorus, inviting the listener to sing the song together for the day they reunite. The repetition of “I will never let you go” emphasizes Jimin’s commitment to maintaining the bond with ARMY. The call to sing louder reinforces the idea of unity and becoming one again.

Jimin Closer Than This Lyrics Interpretation

The lyrics trace the journey from the initial awkwardness to the strong bond that has developed over time. The theme of growth and maturation is evident as Jimin reflects on the shared experiences and challenges. The rapid passage of time is a prominent theme, emphasizing the ephemeral nature of moments. Jimin acknowledges how they’ve come “this far in just a blink of an eye,” underscoring the fleeting nature of their time together. It has been 10 long years since BTS debut and the band has experienced various challenges on their way to success with the unwavering support from their fandom.

The repeated reference to “Seven equals one” reinforces the theme of unity within BTS. The symbolic equation encapsulates the idea that each member is an integral part of the whole, symbolizing the unbreakable bond among the group and with the fans. The tight-knit bond between BTS members has stood tall through many trials and challenges. The lyrics express a temporary parting, emphasizing the belief in a future reunion. The reassurance that parting is just a “small comma in our story” conveys hope and optimism about coming back together.


The lyrics evoke a sense of nostalgia as Jimin reminisces about their shy and awkward beginnings. The reflective tone highlights the emotional weight of the shared journey and the sentimental value attached to those early moments.

Jimin’s references to weather conditions, such as rain and snow, evoke emotions of longing and anticipation. These elements become metaphors for specific memories and emotions tied to different seasons.

Despite the temporary separation, there is an underlying sense of optimism. Jimin’s commitment to never letting go and the anticipation of a future reunion convey a positive outlook and a strong sense of dedication.

Literary and Storytelling Elements:

  1. Metaphors and Imagery: The lyrics are rich in metaphors, using weather conditions, seasons, and the color purple to convey complex emotions and experiences. These metaphors add depth to the storytelling and allow for a more nuanced expression of feelings.
  2. Repetition: The repetition of phrases like “Never let you go” and the encouragement to “sing it together” create a sense of emphasis and unity. The repetition serves both as a comforting reassurance and a call to solidarity.
  3. Temporal Elements: The mention of “June 13” refers to the debut date of BTS. Incorporating specific dates adds a temporal element to the lyrics, anchoring the song in the timeline of the group’s history.

Hidden Meanings:

  1. Purple Symbolism: The mention of days tinged purple holds significance, as the color purple is associated with BTS and ARMY. It symbolizes the strong connection between the group and their fans, suggesting a continuous and unwavering bond.
  2. Door Metaphor: The imagery of knocking on a door with united hearts and the request to open it with a bright smile may symbolize the anticipation of a warm and welcoming reunion in the future. The door could represent the passage of time and the gateway to their shared experiences.

In summary, “Closer Than This” is a poignant love letter from Jimin to the BTS ARMY, exploring themes of growth, unity, and the emotional journey they’ve shared. The use of metaphors, repetition, and specific imagery contributes to the emotional depth of the song, providing a nuanced and layered interpretation of their connection and the promise of a future together. In addition to this song, Jimin also released another song named “Love Letter” for BTS ARMY with his solo album FACE.

We hope our interpretation of Jimin’s ‘Closer Than This’ lyrics meaning helped you enjoy the song more!

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    “Closer Than This” is a poignant love letter from Jimin to the BTS ARMY, exploring themes of growth, unity, and the emotional journey they’ve shared.

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