First Love

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“First Love” is Suga’s solo song from BTS’ album Wings. Contrary to the title’s expectation of a romantic relationship, the song explores Suga’s love for the piano and the profound impact it has had on his life. The lyrics metaphorically link the concept of first love to the moment he discovered music, emphasizing the mix of emotions experienced during that time. Suga reminisces about his childhood, recalling the presence of a brown piano in his home and how it became a source of inspiration and solace for him. The song portrays the growth of Suga’s relationship with the piano, from initial fascination to neglect and rediscovery. It expresses gratitude for the piano’s unwavering presence and support, even during moments of despair and self-doubt. Overall, “First Love” reflects Suga’s personal journey and his deep connection with music as a form of emotional expression and healing.

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