Standing Next to You

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Album: Golden
Artist: Jungkook
Released: 2023
Produced by: ​watt & Cirkut

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“Standing Next To You” is a song about the enduring nature of love and support in a relationship. It speaks of being there for someone through the challenges and joys of life, and the repeated phrase “standing next to you” symbolizes the constancy and strength of their bond. It’s a message of comfort, reassurance, and unwavering commitment.

While the lyrics hint at a strong emotional and intimate connection, it’s important to note that Jungkook, as a member of BTS, expressed deep connections with his bandmates and the group’s fanbase, ARMY. The lines can be interpreted in a way that reflects the strong bond and shared experiences among the group members and their dedicated fans. It’s not solely about a sensual encounter but also about the enduring love and commitment they share as a group and with their fans.

So, these lyrics can be seen as a testament to the strong and lasting connections within the BTS group and their close relationship with their fanbase. They convey a message of unwavering dedication and unity among them.

Let’s break down the interpretation of lyrics in the song “Standing Next To You” by Jungkook:

Jungkook Standing Next to You lyrics meaning

Inviting Connection and Miracles

Verse 1:
Play me slow
Push up on this funk and give me miracles (Let ya body know)
Make it known
How we left and right is somethin’ we control? (You already know)

In the first verse, the singer invites listeners to slow down and connect with the music. “Play me slow” could refer to the desire for a slow and seductive pace or rhythm in a romantic or intimate encounter.

Push up on this funk and give me miracles” implies a desire for a sensual experience that feels like a miraculous or transcendent moment. “Funk” here could be a reference to the groove or rhythm of the encounter. They mention the idea of “miracles,” suggesting that their love can create something extraordinary.

Let ya body know” encourages the other person to let their body communicate and respond to the sensuality of the moment. It’s about being in control of their connection, highlighting the power of their bond. “Make it known” suggests a desire for clear and explicit communication or expression of desire and attraction.

How we left and right is somethin’ we control? (You already know)” implies that the two individuals are in charge of the rhythm and pace of their intimate encounter, and there’s a mutual understanding and agreement about how to navigate it. The reference to “left and right” implies a sense of balance and harmony in their relationship.

Testifying Unwavering Love

You know that all night long we rock to this
Screamin’, I testify this lovin’
All night long, we flock to this
Screamin’, I testify that
We’ll survive the test of time
They can’t deny our love
They can’t divide us
We’ll survive the test of time
I promise I’ll be right here

The pre-chorus reinforces the idea that their love is strong and enduring. The idea is that their love can withstand anything that comes their way, and they promise to always be there for each other.

You know that all night long we rock to this / Screamin’, I testify this lovin‘” suggests that the two individuals have a deep and passionate connection, and they celebrate their love all night long. The phrase “all night long” implies their love is constant and unwavering. They speak of “testify this lovin’,” which means their love is so strong that it’s like giving testimony in its favor.

We’ll survive the test of time / They can’t deny our love / They can’t divide us” conveys the idea that their love is strong enough to withstand challenges and obstacles. It implies that their love is resilient and unbreakable. “I promise I’ll be right here” signifies a commitment to be there for each other and a promise to stay together through thick and thin.

The Heart of the Message

Standing next to you
Standing in the fire next to you, oh
You know it’s deeper than the rain
It’s deeper than the pain
When it’s deep like DNA
Somethin’ they can’t take away, ayy
Take-take-take-take-take-take off

The chorus is the heart of the song’s message. It emphasizes standing by someone, even when facing challenges and difficulties. The mention of the fire and the rain symbolizes adversity and pain, but their love is more profound and enduring than these hardships.

Standing next to you / Standing in the fire next to you, oh” conveys the idea of standing alongside someone, even in difficult or challenging situations. It implies a strong sense of unity and support. “You know it’s deeper than the rain / It’s deeper than the pain” suggests that the bond or connection between the two is profound and goes beyond surface-level emotions or hardships. The repeated phrase “standing next to you” reinforces the theme of steadfast support and commitment.

The reference to DNA suggests that their connection is intrinsic and unbreakable. “When it’s deep like DNA / Somethin’ they can’t take away, ayy” draws a parallel between the depth of their connection and the stability and uniqueness of DNA. This implies that their bond is intrinsic and unchangeable, something that cannot be easily broken or taken away.

Take-take-take-take-take-take off” may signify a moment of action or decisiveness in their relationship, indicating a sense of moving forward together.

Repetition for Emphasis

Standing next to you
Standing next to you (You)
Standing next to you

The post-chorus reiterates the idea of standing next to someone, emphasizing the continuity of their presence and support. The repetition of “standing next to you” drives home the message that they are always there, without fail. It’s a comforting and reassuring sentiment, emphasizing the constancy of their love.

Radiance and Transformation

Verse 2:
Leave ya body golden like the sun and the moon (You already know)

In the second verse, the singer speaks of an “afterglow,” which implies a sense of warmth and radiance after experiencing something beautiful. They compare this to leaving one’s body golden, suggesting their love has a transformative and uplifting effect. It’s about the positive and radiant impact their relationship has on their lives.

Afterglow” typically refers to the warm and satisfied feeling that can follow a sensual or intimate experience. It often implies a sense of peace and contentment.

Leave ya body golden like the sun and the moon” uses a metaphor to describe the state of the body after the encounter. “Golden” in this context suggests a sense of radiance, warmth, and satisfaction. It’s a way of saying that the person’s body is left in bliss or contentment, as radiant as the sun and moon.

You already know” is an assertion that both individuals are aware of the intense and satisfying nature of the experience.

Standing Next to You Lyrics Interpretation

“Standing Next To You” is a song by Jungkook from his solo debut album, Golden, a member of the popular South Korean boy band BTS. The lyrics of this song convey a message of unwavering love and support, and they touch on themes of companionship, resilience, and the depth of connection between two individuals. While the song may seem relatively simple, it carries a more profound emotional resonance that reflects a strong bond between people.


  1. Unconditional Love and Support: The song emphasizes standing by someone’s side through thick and thin. It suggests that love goes beyond words and is demonstrated through actions and commitment. The repetition of “Standing next to you” reinforces the theme of unwavering support.
  2. Resilience and Perseverance: The lyrics highlight enduring challenges and hardships together. The reference to surviving the test of time and the unbreakable bond suggests that the love shared between the two individuals can withstand anything that life throws at them.

Emotions: The emotional tone of the song is one of reassurance, comfort, and dedication. The lyrics express a strong sense of loyalty and commitment, assuring the listener that they will never be alone. There is a sense of warmth and security in the idea of being “standing in the fire next to you,” which conveys a willingness to face difficulties together.

Literary and Storytelling Elements:

  1. Repetition: The phrase “Standing next to you” throughout the song emphasizes the central theme of being there for someone, regardless of the circumstances. This repetition creates a memorable and comforting refrain.
  2. Metaphors and Imagery: The song uses metaphors and imagery such as “leave your body golden like the sun and the moon” to evoke a sense of beauty and timelessness in the relationship. These images convey a sense of admiration and adoration.

“Standing Next To You” by Jungkook is a song that conveys a message of enduring love and support. It emphasizes that true love is not just a fleeting emotion but a steadfast commitment to being there for someone, come what may. The song’s emotional depth lies in its simple yet powerful message of standing by someone’s side through the ups and downs of life. It’s a reassuring and comforting anthem of love and loyalty.

We hope our interpretation of Jungkook Standing Next to You song meaning helped you enjoy the song more!

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