House of Cards

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The song “House of Cards” by BTS is often considered a masterpiece. While some fans may interpret it with an 18+ hard stan meaning, the lyrics carry a profound message about relationships. The song emphasizes that relationships extend beyond romantic love and can encompass any connection between individuals.

Using the metaphor of a house made of cards, BTS’s Vocal line underscores the delicate nature of relationships. Just like a house of cards, a relationship can easily crumble with a single touch. Building a strong relationship requires patience, trust, time, concentration, and thoughtful effort. When both parties invest their best, the relationship stands tall and finds success.

The lyrics emphasize that relationships involve various dynamics, whether between lovers, friends, parents and children, or even strangers. It takes time to develop understanding, trust, and belief in each other. Patience, care, love, and dedicated time are essential for nurturing a happy and fulfilling relationship.

Ultimately, the song urges listeners to prioritize peace and love in their relationships, regardless of the type or size of the connection.


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