Hip Hop Lover

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Hip Hop Lover/Hip Hop Phile (힙합성애자)

“Hip Hop Lover” is a song where BTS expresses their deep love for hip hop and how it has become an integral part of their lives. The track combines classic hip-hop and R&B elements to create a powerful and smooth sound. What sets this song apart is that all seven members, including the non-rappers, contribute to showcasing their unity in their shared passion for the hip-hop genre.

Released in 2014 during BTS’s hip-hop concept era, “Hip Hop Lover” reflects their journey and influences in the hip-hop world. It highlights their experiences on the reality show “American Hustle Life,” where they immersed themselves in the true essence of hip-hop by spending time with tutors and participating in missions.

The lyrics express their gratitude to artists who inspired them, both internationally and in Korea, as they embrace the freedom of expression that hip-hop provides. Overall, “Hip Hop Lover” is a testament to their deep connection with hip-hop and desire to make their mark in the genre.


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