Do You Think It Makes Sense?

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Outro: Do You Think It Makes Sense?

“Do You Think It Makes Sense?” is an R&B outro from BTS, featuring the vocal line (Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook). It explores the theme of a broken relationship and the confusion that comes with it. The lyrics express their longing for a girl they once loved who suddenly decided to end their relationship without any apparent reason. They question the sense in such a drastic change and express their pain and desire for an explanation.

The repeated lines emphasize their disbelief and frustration, as they question the abruptness of their love changing and how everything seemed fine on the surface. Despite their feelings of hatred towards her, they can’t help but continue thinking about her.

The lyrics also describe the emotional impact of the breakup, with the mention of tears and the feeling of breathlessness in her presence. They reflect on how they believed the love would last forever but were ultimately disappointed as time passed and she became cold towards them.

The outro concludes with the plea for her to come back to their world, suggesting a lingering hope for reconciliation despite the pain they have endured.

Overall, the track showcases the vocal line’s emotive vocals and delves into the complexities of a broken relationship, exploring feelings of confusion, heartbreak, and longing.


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