BTS Cypher Pt.1

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The song “BTS Cypher Pt.1” is the opening chapter of BTS’s Cypher series. It showcases RM, Suga, and J-Hope addressing unfair judgments and criticisms about their rapping abilities. The lyrics express their frustration with being labelled as idol rappers and looked down upon by others in the hip-hop community. The members assert their individuality and talent, declaring themselves as leaders of a new generation. They confidently proclaim their skills and dominance in the rap game, emphasizing their determination to succeed. J-Hope highlights his rise from being an ordinary kid to a respected artist, while Suga showcases his sharpshooting skills and unwavering passion for rap. The lyrics also criticize those who lack authenticity in hip-hop and mock their attempts at imitation. The song reflects the rap line’s fearless and unapologetic attitude, solidifying their mastery of the art form and asserting their place in the music industry.

The song conveys a strong sense of defiance and confidence in the face of criticism and prejudice. The lyrics reject being labelled an “idol rapper” and challenge those who look down on the artist. The verses assert the artist’s skill and talent, proclaiming their position at the top and ability to dominate the rap game. They highlight their growth and progress, emphasizing their dedication to their craft and unwavering determination. The lyrics also touch on the competitive nature of the music industry and express a sense of pride in their hip-hop identity. Overall, the song reflects a bold, unapologetic attitude, showcasing the artist’s resilience and refusal to conform to societal expectations.


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