Miss Right

“Miss Right” is a track by BTS from their second mini album, Skool Luv Affair Special Addition, released on May 14, 2014. The song serves as the opening track of the repackage album. The lyrics express admiration and affection towards a special someone who is considered the ideal type, a person who stands out from the norm.

The verses highlight the physical attractiveness and captivating qualities of this person, describing their sexy mind, body, and appearance. The lyrics convey a desire to be with this individual, emphasizing their unique and unreal qualities that make them like a character from movies or novels.

The chorus and post-chorus express the singer’s infatuation and the sense of perfection that arises when they are together. They express a desire to know about the person’s day and become a source of comfort and understanding. The lyrics convey the feeling of being complete and content in each other’s company, as if they are walking through a flower garden.

Throughout the song, the lyrics showcase the intense admiration and attraction the singer feels for this person, expressing a sense of fate and a magnetic pull towards them. The bridge mentions the person shaking up the singer’s heart and fitting into their ideal type like a puzzle piece. The song concludes with the affirmation that the person being described is the one and only “Miss Right” for the singer.

Overall, “Miss Right” portrays a deep affection and admiration for a special person who is seen as the ideal match, encompassing physical attraction, understanding, and a feeling of completeness when together.

Source: Miss Right